At Century Media Group we strive to help our customers achieve their I.T. goals by planning, design, testing, implementation and monitoring. Our goal is to help your company save on expenses, maximize your investment in I.T. and enable a more efficient workflow.

– Vulnerability scanning
– Applications needing upgrade
– Uptime monitoring
– Compliance checking

Starting at $5.99/mo



Great ideas are born from careful planning. It starts with analyzing the needs of the organization and understanding it’s current environment. Once we find bottlenecks, shortcomings, and faults, we can devise a plan to address them.

In the planning stage we keep in mind things like the budget, security needs, physical limitations, and future changes. We identify cost savings, technology improvements, and stability of the work processes. Priorities are set, and a development and implementation plan is created.


Once the priorities, budget, and constraints have been identified, it’s time to design. Here we look at the optimal technologies needed to meet the task. The design will address the following questions:

  • What software and hardware will be used?
  • What is the time-frame for the cycle completion?
  • Have the security needs been addressed?
  • What are the languages, user interface, backup systems, and future upgrades details?
  • What training will be needed to transition?


Through years of experience we have learned that testing, testing and more testing is what creates a reliable system. In the stage we evaluate the compliance of the system with the corresponding requirements. The goal is to detect any irregularity between the units that are integrated together. Testing detects defects within both the integrated units and the whole system. The result of system testing is the observed behavior of a component or a system when it is tested.

Does the system meet the expectations of the customer?

Does it meet the required speed, scalability, stability and reliability of the software product or application?


After thorough testing we follow the implementation plan created earlier. It’s time to transition to the production environment.


We can identify problems before they arise through the continuous monitoring of an infrastructure. This includes the monitoring of CPU, server memory, routers, switches, bandwidth, and applications, as well as the performance and availability of important network devices.