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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make the difference between a successful website, and a failure. We have 10 years of experience getting website to appear at the top of search engines. Let us manage your SEO needs.

SEO is more than just stuffing a bunch of keywords into your website. In fact, stuffing keywords is exactly the sort of thing that gets websites penalized from the top search engines, for the precise keywords they are striving for. If you have never heard of a Google penalty, then you probably should not even be attempting to optimize your website for search engines.

At Century Media Group, we are all to familiar with the techniques that work, and those that don't. We have been following SEO changes and algorithm updates for the past 10 year. We've seen first hand the tricks of the trade. One thing is clear; large search engines like Google have seen every trick in the book. So be careful before assuming you will outsmart a company like Google.

Our approach is very different: do what the search engine guidelines say to do!

That means creating websites for users, not computers. If users like your website, the search engines will find out about it. After all, the main objective of a search engine is to discover popular and important content before the other search engines do. They have become very good at finding out where users spend their time, regardless of the keyword stuffing on your website.

So our primary objective is always creating content-rich, useful, and important websites that the public will visit frequently. However there is a catch "22": how will users find out about your website if it doesn't show up in search results in the first place?

That is where some useful techniques come in handy. There are ways of "luring" the search crawlers to your website, and there are techniques that will prioritize your website's content. Please contact us for quotes or more details


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