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Technology is at the heart of everything we do here at Century Media. Therefore we consider it the core principle that drives everything else. Technology changes rapidly, and so changes and updates must be a fundamental aspect of the service we provide. We can assure our clients that they will receive the latest technology from our software.


3rd Party Technology



One of the most powerful and versatile databases in the world. The experts at Century Media Group can customize the solution for you. Our experience is in high demand websites that require replication, efficient indexing and complete security.



The Pre-hypertext processor gives websites a powerful tool to customize each page served. This includes a high level of security and complete control over the user experience.



The way AJAX loads data asynchronously gives the user a more smooth interface, and increases efficiencies of scale.


Flash Movies

Adobe Flash has the ability to bring the internet to life. Providing a real-world experience to the user and performing complex tasks are some of the reasons this software has become so popular.

Some of the uses of Flash include:

1. Interactive pages that animate upon user input.

2. Designer-created functions that adhere to the overall website template.

3. Advertising banners.

4. And much more.

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